Ethical Dilemma: Pregnancy Termination Wk 27 Gestation Essay

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Ethical Dilemma: Pregnancy Termination at week 27 Gestation

Ethics: Case study week Ana Alberto

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November 9, 2012

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The mother should also be aware of the outcomes of the fetus in both choices as well. When the fetus is diagnosed with a severe anomaly then the focus should not be on aggressive management but that of the parents’ wishes, in particular, the mother’s choice, which may raise a second dilemma of the parent’s possibly viewing the fetus as a person.

Professional code of conduct: To provide guidance, societies or professions have formal written codes of conduct that outline the values of the group and expectations of those that to the group. The American Nurses Association code of Ethics (2001) is the code of conduct that guides nursing practice with in the United States. In essence, the code of Ethics (American Nurses Association, 2001) defines the ethical obligation and duties for individuals who have entered into and practice within the profession of nursing. The Code is based on the shared belief that “nursing encompasses the prevention of illness, the alleviation of suffering, and the protection, promotion, and restoration of health in the care of individuals, families, groups and communities”(American Nursing Association, 2001,p.5). In our society there are values outlined in the United States constitution that provides the foundation for our society. The guiding principles of ethical decision making are autonomy, beneficence, justice,

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