Ethical Dilemma Of The Lake Anna Nuclear Power Plant

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The Public Relations firm that I work for has been approached by a group of citizens who are concerned about the Lake Anna nuclear power plant. These citizens believe that during the recent earthquake and hurricane, this power plant may have been damaged, putting the community at risk for widespread fallout and risk of life in the event of a terrorist attack. They would like our firm to represent them in helping to shut down the power plant. On one hand, security is lax at this power plant, but on the other hand, shutting down this plant could lead to brownouts in the metro area and the client would like to play up the risks. The client also wants us to leave out the risks that could potentially be faced should the power plant be shut down. There are definitely ethical considerations at play in this situation. On one hand, by helping this group of citizens shut down the power plant, you are potentially saving people’s lives if anything were to happen to the power plant. However, if I choose to help the citizens and the power plant shuts down, there is a potential for brownouts. …show more content…
I will not omit information about the potential risks of closing down the factory, and I will not play up the risks that may occur if the factory remains open. By releasing information on my own terms, I am better able to follow my own code of ethics for what I think is acceptable. Following the ethical triangle, by making sure my duty to the public and myself is in line, as well as the intention to harm the least amount of people is extremely important. I also think that keeping my own dignity and respect as well as the public and the power plant is extremely important so that we can all work together to find a solution that we can find with a morally

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