Ethical Dilemma Of Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal
At one point, companies leaders are faced with the dilemma of deciding an employee's future in the company. Unfortunately, many companies look to downsizing as a solution, yet there are many alternatives than just firing employees. Employees should be evaluated and judged by their performance, time commitment, attitude, and communication skills. The evaluation of employees is important, and if done right, they become aware of what they need to improve on and realistically shows their performance levels. In this ethical case, a CEO of a small family owned business wants to fire the “older” workers but Frank, the new chief financial officer, has a problem with the decision. Despite the amount of time in a specific workplace,
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Roberts & Pregitzer (2007) note that rating bias, hypocrisy, poor informal feedback, poor communication during formal feedback sessions, and rater errors are factors that create animosity towards feedback systems. However, this can be solved through a balanced system that uses maximum effort from the managers. There are multiple aspects to an employee's performance that should not only focus on quantitative results but job knowledge and skills, quality of work, work habits, and attitude (Capko, 2007, sec. 3-7). Along with an ineffective appraisal system, downsizing can leave to detrimental effects on the company. Using downsizing as a first response, failing to change the way work is approached and involving employees plus their feedback are practices to avoid when downsizing (Uhlig, 2017, para. 1-3). Downsizing can also generate resentment and anger especially when there is a lack of clarity and when supervisors fail to provide direction, support, or information (Amundson et. al, 2004, p. 256-269). The time for employees can also give the company a chance to look at other alternatives, manage a more effective plan to downsize, and look at arrangements and a new system to implement after downsizing. Overall the plan seems to create a moderate agreeable medium that is more ethical in providing compensation for time commitment, meeting the demands of the company, and setting the business down a more successful

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