Ethical Dilemma Of GS Bank

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a. Select the best deontological alternative a:

Out of all the alternatives the best deontological alternative would be when Cathy talks to Jim and tries to convince Jim to confess his actions to management. This is concluded after analyzing table 3. In this alternative, Cathy fulfills most of her duties to her friend and to the company. By talking to Jim she is able to let him know she is aware of his actions and he has the possibility of redeeming himself by approaching the company on his own accord and confessing to management about what he has done. Cathy also fulfills her duty to the company because the company is made aware of the circumstances under which their customers have been defrauded. When Jim approaches management and makes them aware of his actions the company knows what he is doing and Cathy has fulfilled her duty to the company without betraying her duty to her friend. Cathy is also able to fulfill her friend duties without becoming involved in the illegal activities her friend has been taking part in. Cathy's duties to GS Bank customers are also fulfilled as they will no longer have any fraudulent activities taking place with their
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Jim will then continue his illegal activates and GS Bank will constantly be at risk from Jim's actions. Jim's actions will lead customers to constantly have to deal with Jim's fraudulent behavior, resulting in fewer good outcomes than the previous alternative. Joining Jim in his illegal activities has similar results. GS bank will constantly be at risk from Jim's actions but now they would have to deal with not only Jim's actions but Cathy's actions as well. Talking directly to customers is the worst alternative because the customers may leave GS Bank because they do not trust the company's ability to deal with fraud as it is being committed by its own employees. Other customers may alert the bank to their findings and Jim would be terminated and legal actions would be brought against him in order to show customers they do not tolerate this type of behavior from its employees. Cathy, however, would still have a positive relationship with Jim.

c. Select the best

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