Ethical Decision On The Construction Industry Essay

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Ethical Decision in the Construction Industry

Every day General Contractors confront ethical decision; so, this paper will analyze how general contractors handle the situations and the outcome of their decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to take good ethical decisions and how to handle them, by studying real case scenarios. Also, it is necessary to find ways to educate employees within a company; as well, how to teach students early in their career to reduce future issues. The case study will be based on two real world case scenarios of electrical subcontractors, which are good examples of unethical decisions, that are very common in the construction industry.
Every day people need to take ethical decisions, whether are right or wrong; both bring consequences, either good or bad. Unfortunately, not every person takes good ethical decisions, which this cause conflicts in personal and professional relationships. Unethical decisions are unfavorable for companies because they can be very harmful and can destroy a companies’ reputation; therefore, loose business relationships. Unethical decisions are not only found in the construction industry, but in every industry in the society. Sometimes unethical decisions are made because miscommunication, lack of information, and sometimes are made intentionally. The factors commit an unethical decision could be people’s differences of culture and co-culture, or peer pressure and sometimes unethical…

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