Ethical Decision Making Paper

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Ethical Decision Making
Trishawna Y. Fleming
EDCU 501
May 9, 2016
Liberty University


This paper investigates the moral issue of an authorized proficient advocate who is rehearsing out of a congregation setting. The vast majority of the advocates' customers are customers who are general steady and well working. Because of the status of the client he sees he doesn't feel that it is important to keep records of the client. He sees subsequently he doesn't keep any records by any stretch of the imagination. He feels that in an alternate circumstance where his customers were not steady he would then need to consider record keeping. The accompanying clarifies why it is critical for
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Dan feels that it is not important to keep records since his customers are well working and their issues are not serious, this could make numerous issues for Dan and conceivably his clients. As a guide Dan ought to add to the welfare of his clients. There might be circumstances in which customer records would be an advantage to the customer for different reasons relating to the customer's welfare. On the off chance that Dan can't give records he would not add to the welfare of the customer and could do hurt.
Applying the ACA Code of Ethics
By making the choice to not keep client records Dan is breaking the ACA Code of Ethics. According to the code of ethics counselors should keep records needed to assist with providing professional services and should do so following laws and regulations as well as agency or institution policies. These records should also reflect the client’s treatment and progress (American Counseling Association, 2014).
Dan feels that if he worked for an agency and worked with really sick client’s record keeping would then be required. However, the ACA code of ethics does not state that record keeping is optional based on practice setting or condition of clients or any other circumstances.
Dilemma Nature and Dimensions.
The idea of not making hurt others can be connected on the grounds that while it may not that they have gotten or are

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