Ethical Decision-Making Model Case

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Identifying the Problem and Potential Issues

The ethical scenario that is presented for the Ethical Decision Making Model case follows a 23 year old female individual by the name of Jenna who has been admitted to a hospital due alcohol withdrawal symptoms and due to emotional dysregulations that has occurred in the sense of, she has been admitted due to suicidal tendencies, experiencing depressed symptoms, and having difficulties in managing her addiction. After declining to join in a group session, a counselor intern named, Keith decided to follow-up on Jenna. Upon meeting Jenna and discussing her feelings - in which she describes as depressed and has a difficult time functioning with her alcohol addiction, Keith determines that Jenna
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Due to these circumstances, Jenna reveals that if she gets released from the hospital’s care, she will run into the middle of a busy interstate highway to get herself killed. When Keith questions Jenna about her suicidal ideations, she confesses that she has a detailed plan in how she will go about killing herself. Unfortunately, the various hospital staff members who are in charge of Jenna’s care do not share the same concerns as Keith does with Jenna in which they all explain that Jenna has done and said her suicidal threats before and feel that this is her way of being able to remain in the hospital simply because she has nowhere to …show more content…
Support networks can be a number of members who are connected to the client in any type of relation (Hurtado-de-Mendoza, et. al., 2016) that can provide any means of support. The counselor must have an understanding that specific support networks in their client’s lives can hold special meaning and it can be an important involvement because it can raise the success of treatment for the client. Support networks can include individuals who have frequent contact with the client, have a strong relationship with client and even have a positive emotional support for the client (Hurtado-de-Mendoza, et. al.2016), In the case presented, Jenna reveals to Keith that her family members do not support her. In this situation, the counselor must work with the client to decide if there are other support networks available for Jenna to utilize during treatment. During Jenna’s hospital stay, there are support groups that are offered but unfortunately, Jenna declines to participate in any of the group sessions provided to her. Support groups are one of the support networks in Jenna’s well-being but since she declines to be involved in these groups, the counselor should be able to find other networks for Jenna - through her family or even old friends and acquaintances. However, when Keith explores different options in networks for Jenna’s well-being, he has to do so

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