Ethical Decision Making And Behavior Essay

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There are many people who would describe the term ethical behavior as knowing the difference between right and wrong. Unfortunately, ethics is neither black nor white, it does not always present itself in a perfect package making it easy to choose between the two. There are countless times when making the ethical decision is confusing, uncertain, and especially difficult. At times, the initial decision may appear to be innocent and ethical; however, the repercussions that may not surface for several years, could appear that an unethical choice was made originally. This gray area in ethical decision making and behavior is evident in the two case studies examined for this assignment and discussed below.
Case 11.1a This case involves a fund-raising issue based on the personal reputation of the donor. The donor wishes to give a significant contribution to the organization with the condition that a major wing of the new building be named after him. This type of request is not uncommon and is seen often at universities, hospitals, and community centers; it is not considered unethical either. Many gifts of this type are accepted from individuals who have no history of unethical behavior or having been associated with others who have been scrutinized by their business practices. As Worth points out in his textbook, usually there is some sort of acknowledgement or recognition of donors based on the level of their giving which may include naming a facility after the…

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