Ethical Culture Of Zappos

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This research will focus on the culture of Zappos, an online shoe store, known for their culture of happiness, customer, and employee satisfaction. This paper will analyze the manner in which Zappos’ leadership has fostered their culture, while reviewing the major impacts that the company’s ethical practices have had on their stakeholders. Zappos has encountered many ethical challenges, which will be reviewed and recommendations made on their required actions. This research will involve detailed research, explanations and a review of Zappos effective culture and ethical practices.

Zappos’ Leadership and Ethical Culture This paper examines the influence of organizational culture on ethical behavior of Zappos and the
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The company Zappos strives to make the shopping experience enjoyable (Ferrell et al, 2014). The spirit of Zappos can be traced directly to their CEO Tony. According to Hsieh (2010), “We must first create a dignified company culture: one that was committed to exceptional customer experiences” (p. 138). The leadership at Zappos as fostered the a culture of ethicalness by implementing core values for all employees to follow, going as far as to email everyone in the company for their input on what they believed were the core values of Zappos (Chafkin, 2009). This is a clear example of transparency and employee inclusion, which has allowed the Zappos culture of simplicity, innovation, and great customer service to …show more content…
This shows the companies dedication to their employees.
Values Determine Stakeholder Perspectives The stakeholders at Zappos are influenced by the company’s core values, which are effectively displayed in the organizations involvement with customers, community and socially responsibilities.
Customer-Focused Business Model
• Zappos’ strategy guarantees that customers will have a fulfilling experience while shopping on their online store. The company offers free shipping, a 365-day return policy and 24/7 over the phone assistance (Echevarria, 1999).
Corporate Culture
• According to CEO Hsieh (2010) “It’s important to have peoples whose personal values match our corporate values. They 're just naturally living the brand. Wherever they are whether they 're in the office or off the clock" (p. 163).
Social Responsibility
• Corporate Social Responsibility is a path that Zappos promotes. They deliver more personal and direct involvement into programs based on the issues that Zappos employees want to support (Echevarria,

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