Ethical Controversy And Designer Babies Essay

1042 Words May 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Designer babies are the new way to bioengineer offspring, to change the different genetics of a child. Scientists will be able to eventually use transcription and translation to change the different traits like; gender, appearance, intelligence, diseases, and personality. There is much controversy on whether designer babies should exist because of ethical controversy and designer babies causing additional racism in our country. Only the wealthy will be able to have designer babies, and will they think they are to good for the rest of the world. “The process of DNA replication starts off with the double helix “unzipping” with both helices running in opposite directions. A “Y” shaped region is formed. The whole DNA doesn’t split though, only a small area does which is called a replication fork. Here and daughter strands are completed. DNA replication is important because DNA has all the “instructions” for all the cellular processes in your body meaning that without DNA it is synthesized to replicate it correctly, it could lead to mutations and or even kill you.” (Boundless Biology [2]) Protein Synthesis and the DNA nucleotide relate to the topic because of transcription which is ; a series of chemicals creating the RNA copy of gene sequencing the gene is copied into a pre-mRNA which includes exons and introns. During the process of RNA splicing, introns are removed and exons joined to to form a continuous coding sequence. The RNA (mRNA) molecule, is the messenger…

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