Ethical Considerations For Handling Food Essay

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CAI 121 Product Id & Purchasing Unit 2 Lecture

This unit identifies the ethical considerations for handling food and illustrates the influence of religion, lifestyle, and ecology on food service. The philosophy of ethics in the foodservice business will be analyzed. How modern science should be utilized will be part of the ethical analysis. Topics discussed will include the advantages and disadvantages of aquaculture, hydroponics, biotechnology, and genetically modified organisms. Ecology and its relationship to biodiversity will be analyzed as well as how conservation relates to food service today.

When you are examining whether your operation is acting in an ethical manner, you need to look at things within your operation and around the world. The best place to start is your team. Questions you should be asking yourself include: Do I hire a diverse staff from my local community? Do I pay a living wage? Do I schedule in a humane fashion? Do I pay overtime? Do I feed my staff? Do I provide uniforms for my team? Do I provide my staff with the equipment and the training to do their job safely? And most importantly, do I provide a professional working atmosphere where my staff feels appreciated, empowered, and engaged?

After you look at your hiring and operating policies, you need to examine your purchasing policies. Questions to ask include: Are you choosing by cost instead of maintaining your standards? Are you truthfully representing the items you offer on your…

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