Ethical Code Of My Life Essay

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The Ethical Code of my Life My ethical code of my life is to be as successful as I can (by any means necessary). Meaning I don 't want to have to struggle to get nothing I need or want in the future. Growing up my parents gave my siblings and I whatever we wanted, as long as we earn and worked hard for it. I want my son and future children to be able to say the same thing about me; one day down the line. I believe in working hard for what I want, and not wait on anyone to give me nothing that I don’t deserve. I whether make sacrifices then to ask someone for something. I’ll put my needs over my wants any day of the year, or while I’m on this earth. First, things doesn 't always go as planned; without any obstacles thrown your way. School has always challenged my ethical code, and I didn’t realize it until I had to prep myself for this paper. School has always thrown curve balls at me, with the level of difficulty that some of my classes have. I have to go to school to be as successful as I need/want to be, and get good grades. I plan to purse an Economics degree, and the time and effort I have to put in has to be 100 percent at all times. For example, on weekends I use to watch every College Football game that I could and NFL games too; now I …show more content…
Society challenged my ethical code because, it’s hard to get a good job with out a College degree. Without a College degree, I couldn’t fulfill my hopes/dreams. I worked a average job, and the checks weren’t all that. I knew I couldn’t survive with a family bringing in that type of income. It’s easy to fall in society in a negative way vs a positive way. I knew I didn’t want to end up in the streets, dead, or in jail. In our society statistically I am suppose to be a failure, or an identification number. Like any other person I didn’t want that. I wanted to be the son, father, husband, uncle, brother, nephew, cousin, and grandparent of someone who made

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