Ethical Challenges Of Apple

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Register to read the introduction… Apple’s sterling reputation could easily be damaged by serious misconduct or a failure to address risks appropriately. PRODUCT QUALITY One issue requiring consistent oversight is product quality. Apple’s brand hinges upon product quality, so mistakes can create serious ethical dilemmas. In the fast-paced electronics industry, where several new products are introduced every year, mistakes can become hard to detect before product introduction. After Apple introduced the iPhone 4, consumers began to complain of reception problems. The problems were caused by antenna interference that occurred when users held the phone a certain way. Public relations experts have criticized Apple for appearing to minimize the problem rather than reacting quickly to remedy it. After Consumer Reports would not endorse the product, Apple provided free bumpers and cases for a certain period of time that resolved the reception problems. This product issue did not stop millions of consumers from purchasing the iPhone 4, but it does reiterate the great care Apple must take regarding product quality. Consumers view product quality as inseparable from Apple. Hence, a mishap in this area could damage the brand’s strength. PRIVACY Privacy is another major concern for Apple Inc. In 2011 Apple and Google disclosed that certain features on the cell phones they sell collect data on the phones’ locations. Consumers and government officials saw this as an infringement on user privacy. The companies announced that users have the option to disable these features on their phones. This was not entirely true for Apple as some of its phones continued to collect location information even after users had disabled the feature. Apple attributed this to a glitch that it remedied with new software. Both Google and Apple defend their data-collection mechanisms, but many government officials disagree. The government is considering passing legislation on mobile privacy, actions which …show more content…
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