Ethical Challenges Marketers Face The Right Thing Essay

1257 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
1. Some ethical challenges marketers face is trying to the right thing. They know right from wrong but sometimes doing what is wrong is easier and what will get them moeny. For example, targeting vulnerable individuals is not right, like the elderly or children. Marketers will try to sell them goods through their weaknesses and that is not fair. The vulnerable individual may not think anything thing of it because they have no control over their behavior, but the fact of the matter is that this type of advertising is not right and marketers should know that. Brenkert brings up many criticisms dealing with marketing. These criticisms include, the use of sex, promotion of unhealthy body images, use of fear, deception, invasion of privacy, targeting children and being wasteful when it comes to spending money on advertisements. These are all used, of course, to increase sales. An invasion of privacy example would be the internet. Now when an individual search for something they leave a trail of “footprints” in the cyber world, so whenever they go to a different website all their ads are catered to their interests. One might believe that marketing is a valuable and necessary social practice because it is the link that marketers use to bring the society member to their product. In developing nations, they love marketing because it brings them goods, services and knowledge of products they wouldn’t know about if it wasn’t for someone to market them. Marketing is a creative tool…

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