Ethical Challenges In Organizational Behavior

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Question 1
Organizational Behavior is the study and application of different people who behave differently within diverse organizations inside the work place. It is important because it will allow us as individuals to more engaged as a business executive. Being able to handle stress, to get along with people of different cultures and races; making operative decisions, and working with a team in a great job. (Bauer & Erdogan, 2014, p. 10) One the contemporary challenges for the field of Organizational Behavior, is the ethical challenge. It basically gives ethical principles in the workplace.
For an example, the Enron Corp. who fool regulators with false corporate records for a long time. (Investopedia) This is a challenge for corporations based
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For instance, we have gender diversity within an organization where companies need men and women with biological differences. Next we have racial diversity where we have people from different backgrounds and cultures. For an example, the United Nations has different types of ethnic backgrounds. Finally, the most important type of diversity is economic. It’s important because we have people with different social economic backgrounds. (2016) For an example, the minimal wage in Chicago, IL is 8.25 an hour, where in “Beijing its wages are 18.70 yuan which in US dollars $2.90 an hour”. ((Xinhua), …show more content…
For an example, for countries that are high power distance are: Malaysia, Slovakia, Philippines, Russia, and Mexico. These societies are unequal distribution of power as relatively satisfactory. Another example, for countries that have an uncertainty avoidance are: Belgium, El Salvador, Greece, Guatemala and Portugal. These cultures prefer expectable situations and have low tolerance for ambiguity. For countries that have low power distance, are relatively unacceptable. These countries are: Austria, Demark, Israel, Ireland, and New Zealand. Due to a low uncertainty avoidance, cultures are comfortable in changeable tolerance for ambiguity. For an example, for countries that have an uncertainty avoidance are: Denmark, Jamaica, Singapore, China, Sweden. Based on the implications of Hofstede’s framework in organizational behavior, Hofstede want us to better understand different cultures from a business point-of-view. To be able to understand and to be successfully internationally in the business market.
Question 5 In Organization Behavior, personality is known for feelings, thoughts and behavioral patterns that each individual has. (p. 56) Personality plays a role for which individuals play in the public eye or view. Within his or her behavior, managers

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