Essay Disadvantages Of Animal Testing

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The animal testing process does help researchers for scientific advancement required in drug and cosmetic testing. This is to ensure the safety of humans. However, does the process of animal testing humane at all? Do its benefits justify the suffering caused by humans to animals? Thus, Laura and I will defend the rights of animals by stating different disadvantages in animal testing.

Life in the laboratory is a world away from the natural environment. They are often housed in isolation, in wire cages without sufficient space and environment. They are also partaking in different cruel and inhumane procedures that are used in the experiments. According to Humane Society International, the animals used in the experiments are being deprived of their basic needs. For example, they are a subject of force-feeding, forced inhalation, physical restraint, and food and water deprivation. Additionally, the infliction of pain due to burns and other wounds is to
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Due to scientific advancement, there are alternative testing methods that can achieve similar results, in the same way as animal testing. An example is using human skin equivalent tests such as EpiDerm and EpiSkin, which is made from sheets of human skin cells, and use of In vitro or tissue cultures, which involves the growth of cells outside the body. This produces accurate and reliable results because of the use of human cells. Another example is the use of computer models, with built-in software programs that help to design new medicines by using virtual reconstructions of human molecular structures. Since these alternative methods mimic the exact reactions of the population the product is designed for, there would be no need for animals to be tested on. Hence, animals should be saved from maltreatment and cruel

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