Ethical Behavior Is A Difficult Problem That All Organizations Face

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Managing ethical behavior is a difficult problem that all organizations face. Practicing ethical behavior should be a workplace standard that is expected of the organization and each team member. Ethics involves the moral principles that an organization uses during the decision-making process and it should be evaluated to ensure that the proper culture is being established. Those organizations that fail to create an ethical atmosphere produce a negative work environment that is destined for failure. The ethical practices an organization uses can affect its reputation, efficiency, and profitability. Ethical behavior also helps to maintain a productive environment that focuses on quality and regulatory guidelines to attract shareholders and ensure positive relationships. It also promotes teamwork, which encourages staff to work together more efficiently and effectively. Leaders set the tone for ethical awareness by making decisions using ethical practices to benefit the organization. Staff members who guide their behavior based on ethical practices tend to adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization, which contributes to the overall goal of the organization (Kelchner). Ethics in the workplace creates an organizational culture that allows leaders to be held accountable and hold others accountable to the same standards. Reinforcing ethical behavior can easily be accomplished by rewarding employees that set the example by exhibiting moral behavior and by disciplining…

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