Ethical Behavior And Social Responsibility Essays

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Ethical behavior/Social responsibility Ethics refer to standards set by an organization defining right or wrong and good or bad that should be observed by the staff at all times. The management at CSR Limited has worked hard to promote high ethical standards among its employees. The company’s charter commits every person in the organization to act responsibly and keep good relationships with the community they serve. CSR maintains documents procedures and policies that promote compliance with ethical requirements, legal and regulatory requirements, and professional standards to build responsible staff (CSR Limited 23).
On the other hand, CSR Limited is a company committed to sustainable practices in all its operations to build a strong foundation for the future. Corporate social responsibility allows the company to act in ways that serve its interests and those of its stakeholders. CSR has numerous programs that aim at benefiting the community using company resources. The company engages in charitable activities and helping the community become sustainable. However, CSR has the capacity to give back to the community through additional contributions such as building a school for the community and allowing children from needy families learn for free. However, the success of all CSR strategies must have good supporting structures, appropriate procedures, and effective allocation of resources to align with organization’s budget and costs and stakeholders’ demands. The…

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