Essay on Ethical And Unethical Business Practices

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The concept of business ethics refers to a set of guiding principles that encourage individuals in an organization to make decisions based on the company’s stated beliefs and attitudes toward business practices within its industry(Lisa McQuerrey., 2016) . Ethical and Unethical business decisions have long been a predicament encountered by organisations, these practices are concerned with how the companies interact with the global business world, and to their one-on-one dealings with individuals(Garry Crystal,. 2016.) The concept of ethics and social responsibility emerged into the business world in the early 1970s after the end of World War I saw these organisations become more profit driven resulting in negative impacts on society at large. This essay will discuss the Examples of notable scandals concerning social responsibility, fair labor practices and business integrity that are becoming increasingly common in the business world as seen by actions conducted by Nestle and their misleading marketing campaigns, Apples association with Foxconn unfair work practices and Hewitt Packard and R.J tobacco corporate culture. The arguments supported by these cases allow for the evaluation to be made that in order for a company to survive in today’s competitive market, it is believe that a certain degree of unethical behavior is acceptable.

Ethics of multinational-corporations involve actions that are of a moral standard within society. Due to news reporting and social media, it…

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