Ethical And Political Issues Surrounding The Finance Of Medical Care

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There are many ethical and political issues surrounding the finance of medical care in the United States and Canada. The Affordable Care Act was intended to provide affordable medical care to all Americans. In 1987, Rosalyn Schwartz, a recently divorced American, lost the medical coverage previously provided through her husband’s job. Due to the fact that she had a pre-existing ulcer condition, insurance companies only offered plans that excluded treatment for ulcers. Universal medical coverage supplies basic medical care for all citizens. The single payer system is a form of universal medical coverage in which one organization acts as the regulating body. In 1962, Canada funded a single payer national medical care system that provided all medically necessary services to Canadians. The National Health Service of the United Kingdom, funded through general taxation, also covers the medical needs of all citizens. Unlike the United States, neither the Canadian or English system has had any major problems attracting physicians to primary care. The United States system is based on private management organizations. In 1965, Medicare and Medicaid began offering medical security for the elderly and children of the poor. The Tricare system offered similar security for veterans, military personnel, and their families. During the early eighties and nineties, laws were set in place to protect the medically unstable, the unemployed, and the privacy of patients. In the years leading up to…

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