Essay on Ethical And Or Legal Problem

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Section #1:
Identify the ethical, and/or legal problem(s) or dilemma(s).

Ethical or Legal Issue? What are the Problem(s) or Dilemma(s)?
Personal Virtual Relationships with Current Clients (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2014, A.5. e.). Jordan without her supervisor’s knowledge contacted the client via social media friending the client.
C.R.S. § 12-43-222(i) Engaged in a relationship with the client which can impair the counselor’s judgement. Jordan, without her supervisor’s knowledge or approval make decisions to engage in a relationship with the client.
Avoiding Harm (ACA, 2014, A.4.a). In this situation Jordan, has placed the client in a position where harm can occur. Knowing the client already has suicidal ideations, Jordan invites Toni to join a support group for the LGBT community, without her supervisor’s knowledge. When Toni sends Jordan a text reporting, she is going to commit suicide, when Jordan attempts to contact her she is unable to make any contact with her. Jordan does not contact her supervisor informing her what is happening or for supervisor advise or call the police for a welfare check.
Supervision (ACA, 2014, F.1.a) Jordan heard her supervisor make some prejudicial remarks, and instead of discussing her concerns with the supervisor Jordan is not being open and honest with the supervisor and practicing as she wishes.
Nondiscrimination (ACA, 2014, C.5.) Jordan has a duty to report the discrimination of her supervisor. This is an…

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