Ethical And Operations Strategy: Business Ethics And Operational Strategy

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Business Ethics and Operational Strategy
Ethics is not a new subject in the business world. Ethics has been into business implementation for over hundred years. They act more like a set of standards that needs to be addressed while doing business, with the development and growth of the industry, companies are showing their concern about their corporate responsibility. There have been lots of debates on the issues about poor eminence among the workers and the responsibility of the employer towards this issue. Due to past encounters and reports on various unethical activities by some of the major brands in the industry, there is a significant rise of the concept for social responsibility amid business sector this initiative includes integration
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It actually refers to the part of business that deals with the production of goods and services, activities such as transportation, manufacturing supply chain process comes under the operations department. Companies adopt a different approach according to the compliance of their product, certain necessities for an efficient operational approach includes credibility, consistence, ethicality and appropriateness. By appropriateness I mean with the configuration of the operational approach, this necessary when the company’s operational approach is formulated to connect company’s operations and its goals to develop a competitive advantage over its competitors in the industry. Ethics plays an important role in the operations management, especially in multinational companies where it should be measured as a business task because most of the ethics issues originate from the operations level. Another reason for the rise in ethic issue in organizations is due to the company policies to obtain cost effectiveness in outsourcing. Ethics in operations management are concerned about the process of profit making rather than the size of the profit. The term ethics are not even considered in some of the organizations dealing in service industry. Acknowledging the issue, it’s really imperative for the organizations to understand and take operations …show more content…
However, small organizations can work easily to create a suitable working, ethical environment, but implementing ethical behaviors for multinational corporations can become more diffuse. Many individuals in the organizations may find themselves in the positions wherein they discover pursuing ethics challenging and may choose to avoid it because they find unethical approach more easy and tempting. I’d like to refer business executive William R. Holland’s quote in industry week as “There must be the will, the inner discipline, the strength, and the character to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. Doing the wrong thing is so disregarded the rights of the others and inflict harm or grief on

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