Essay on Ethical And Legal Issues Of Information Security

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Ethical and Legal Issues in Information Security
The rapid development and strong China economy have left many technology companies, including Google, have to stoop to set foot on this fertile filled land. Google China was founded in 2005 and and went live on Jan. 27, 2006.During four years of operation here, Google has provided services with its version of self-censorship in compliance with the so-call “Internet sovereignty” policy of the China government. Although doing business in China with more limited and obstacles than the company’s initial activity criterion, Google’s leaders still appeared to be determined and justified to bring useful tools for millions of China Internet users with the right to access information. But cyber-attacks started just before Christmas 2009 has destroyed everything. As Google rolled out its China domain version and tried in good faith to compromise to satisfy the China dictatorship’s policy, its effort appears done in vain. On January 10, 2010, Google’s top executives reached a decision that the company decided it would no longer doing the dirty work and carry out censorship for the China dictatorship government. Instead of keeping comply with China government’s requests to filter search results, on March 22, 2010, Google redirected all search traffic from the China domain into, which located in Hong Kong to avoid censorship. This move caused the China officials outraged, and they decided to punish the internet…

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