Essay on Ethical And Legal Environment Of Organizations

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Ethical and Legal Environment of Organizations means knowing how to make the right and wrong decision making in an environment in any situation. You have to know the basics of ethics and the legal aspect of the situation. Can they conflict will each other at times? I think so. But both were put in place the same way, decisions made by a group of people of how we should live according to a standard of right or wrong behavior (Ghillyer, 2014). When making ethical decisions or dilemma there are three steps to take consider; you must be able to analyze the consequences (who will it help/harm or what will it do), the actions (does it measures up against moral principles) and be able to make a decision (analysis everything/ taking everything into consideration). If the three steps still have you at ease about making the right decision then to make a decision on ethical dilemma, try breaking things down further by doing an Arthur Dobrin’s key point questionnaire. Start by asking yourself what are the facts, what can you guess about the facts you do not know, what they mean, what does the problem look like through the person involved, what will happen if you choose one over another, what do your feelings tell you, how would you feel if you made one decision over the next and can you explain and justify your reason of choice (Ghillyer, 2014).
Here’s a case on unequivocal dedication to business ethics. A combination of several companies that have made over a billion dollars in…

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