Ethical And Ethical Aspects Of A Marketing Research Report Essay

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Question 1
What is ethical visual? Why do we need visuals in a marketing research report? What are the guidelines to preparing ethical visuals? Do some research about ethical visuals and include your finding in the answer. 356, 357
Ethical visual is how an individual presents information in the research report to clients and anyone else who reads the report (Burns & Bush, 2012). Ethical visuals deal with misrepresenting information or unintentional misrepresentation of information (Burns & Bush, 2012). When researchers present visuals they should double and triple check, their work to ensure the highest ethical standards are met (Burns & Bush, 2012). When using three-dimensional figures researchers should make sure that data is not distorted to add false value and make sure that all the parts of graphs and charts are presented in an ethical manner (Burns & Bush, 2012). Visual presentations portray images and messages to the reader or clients with specific task or ideas from the research report (Kmalvand, 2015). Researchers should strive to hold themselves to the highest ethical standards regarding their research, as this research will become a teaching or learning tool for others (Tabensky, 2014). Knowing the proper way to make charts, diagrams, and bar graphs will help the researcher achieve ethical visuals within the research project. Researchers should always give proper credit for the resources and sources of information in their research projects, even the…

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