Ethical and Environmental Scan Paper

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Ethical and Environmental Scan Paper: Enron, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Ethics and the environmental responsibilities of companies tie directly into those of social responsibilities and occupy a very important position in both incorporating into strategic plans and the company’s value system. In this paper, the subject to describe is how the role of ethics and social responsibility is developed into a company’s strategic plan; this will enclose an example of how Enron initiated an overstepping of these ethical boundaries. The paper will also describe the internal and external environments of how Google, Amazon, and Microsoft using an environmental scan. Included in the scan will be a determination of the competitive advantages each …show more content…
Most individuals recognize these companies easily, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Each of these companies has strengths in their own right, and as the Internet matures, the lines are blurring. Google was once thought to be primarily a search-engine company whose profitability tied to its advertising model, while Amazon was the primary bookseller on the Web, and Microsoft was a software company with an online presence. Today that has changed with the advent of cloud computing. Cloud computing permits businesses and individuals to access applications from their business computers, home computers, or mobile computers, and telephones. These applications were once primarily the domain of Microsoft with its Windows software and Office suite of applications. However, as open source software with standardized applications has gained a foothold, both Google and Amazon entered this part of the market, capitalizing on their individual strengths to carve out new niches and threatening Microsoft’s market dominance.
The strategy of Google in the cloud computing arena is to leverage its huge databases and internal research and development strengths to offer powerful tools while continuing to be the primary search engine with profitability tied to its advertising models, including Adsense, and Adwords. Additionally, the company has moved into

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