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Honesty and Loyalty may be often deeply ingrained in the make-up of simple and humble people than in men of high position. A man who was taking bribes when he was a constable does not turn honest when he becomes the Chief of Police. The only thing that changes is the size of the bribe. Weakness of character and inability to withstand temptation remain with the man no matter how high he climbs.


It is often stated that the most important resource of any organization is the Human Resource.

This essay addresses the relevance of ethics in Human Resource (HR) Management and discusses various ethical and motivational aspects, including ethical values and ethical decision-making.

Ethics is an
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Even though only a small fraction of the workforce may indulge in unethical behaviour, it has serious ramifications on the organization as a whole and affects a large number of people who are stakeholders.

Many of us do not even know whether certain of our actions and decisions have ethical implications or not and the consequences thereof.


What is ethics and what does it deal with?

(a) Ethics is that set of behavioural standards that relate to a set of principles, values and ideals for human conduct. Ethics may be defined as ‘the standards of conduct which indicate how one should behave on moral duties and obligations’.

(b) Ethics deals with two aspects: the first involves one’s ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from evil and propriety from impropriety; the second involves thecommitment to do what is good, right and proper.


Values are core beliefs, which guide or motivate attitudes and behaviour. They are the established ideals of life that members of a given society regard as desirable, Ethical Values are directly related to our beliefs concerning what is right, good and proper. They impose moral obligations and are concerned with our sense of moral duty.

The 10 core ethical values are:- (i) Honesty (ii) Integrity (iii) Promise keeping (iv)

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