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The Social Work Ethics Audit: A RiskManagement Strategy
Frederic G. Reamer
Rhode Island College,

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Reamer, Frederic G., "The Social Work Ethics Audit: A Risk-Management Strategy" (2000). Faculty Publications. Paper 173.

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The Social Work
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The audit should The Concept of an Ethics Audit address a number of topical items to guide social workers as they examine ethics-related Audits of various types are conducted in many practices in their work settings. In the audit organizations. Ordinarily, an audit entails an each topic can be assessed and assigned one of "official examination and verification" of four risk categories: (1) no risk—current pracrecords and other organizational practices (Webster's College Dictionary, 1991). Both pro- tices are acceptable and do not require modification; (2) minimal risk—current practices are prietary and nonprofit organizations routinely reasonably adequate; minor modifications conduct audits for accounting purposes, quality would be useful; (3) moderate risk—current control and assurance, and utilization review. practices are problematic; modifications are Audits typically focus on essential aspects of an necessary to minimize risk; and (4) high risk— organization's functioning, such as its bookcurrent practices are seriouslyfiawed;signifikeeping procedures, service delivery, personnel cant modifications are necessary to minimize and financial records, and billing practices risk. (Courtemanche, 1989; Russell & Regel, 1996). This concept and practice can be extended Ethical Risks easily

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