Ethernet Technology And Its Uses Essay

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Ethernet Technology Ethernet Technology is one of the most commonly and widely used technologies in LAN. according to, Ethernet was originally developed by Xerox in the 1970’s and was originally designed to run over coaxial cables. However, a typical Ethernet LAN now uses special grades of twisted pair cables or fiber optical cabling. Ethernet family of networking technologies are defined in the Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineer (IEEE) 802.2 and 802.3 standards. It supports data speeds of 10, 100 1000 10,000, 40,000, and 100,000 Mbps(100Gbbps). It includes 802.11a, b, g, n and now ac equivalent for Ethernet wireless LANs. In Ethernet standards uses two separate sub layers of the data link to operate. The OSI 7 layers are 1. Application, 2. Presentation, 3. Session, 4. Transport, 5. Network, 6. Data Link-Logical Link Control (LLC) and Medium Access Control (MAC) sublayers and 7. Physical (802.3). Ethernet is defined by data link layer and physical layer Protocols.
The LLC adds control information to the packet to ensure that the packet reaches its destination and handles communication between upper and lower layers. The MAC layer is responsible to control the hardware for example in the NIC card. The two main responsibilities are 1. Data encapsulation and 2. Media access control. In data encapsulation, a Frame is frozen for transmission and is disassembled upon reception. Also, in encapsulation, the MAC layer adds header and…

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