Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success

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Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success

Principles of Marketing


1. Describe the type of consumer buying decision that best describes the choice to indulge at Ethel’s.
Ethel’s Chocolate lounges are chocolate or candy based restaurants that where created by the Mars corporation. The Mars Corporation is the same corporation that makes the famous M&M candy. In the case study on Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges we learn that the Mars Corporation has made many modifications to better the chocolate lounges. They strive to be more like Starbucks, and to sell the experience of having great atmosphere, gourmet chocolate, and at very reasonable prices. Through marketing strategies the
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They also need to do little research into this type of establishment other than trying it out themselves.
2. Discuss the factors that influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s.
There are several factors involved in influencing the consumer’s behavior for them to spend their money and time in purchasing any type of goods or services. Consumer behavior is referred to as the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants. There are different processes involved in the consumer behavior. Initially, the consumer tries to find what commodities he would like to consume, then he selects only those commodities that promise greater utility. After selecting the commodities, the consumer makes an estimate of the available money which he can spend. Lastly, the consumer analyzes the prevailing prices of commodities and takes the decision about the commodities he should consume. Meanwhile, there are various other factors influencing the purchases of consumer such as social, cultural, personal and psychological. Consumer behavior is deeply influenced by cultural factors such as: buyer culture, subculture, and social class. Basically, culture is the part of every society and is the important cause of person wants and behavior. The influence of culture on buying behavior varies from country to country therefore marketers have to be very careful in analyzing the culture of different groups,

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