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Abstract This paper intends to present for review “Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges: Back to the Future? Chocolate Lounges Taste Sweet Success” (hereinafter, “Ethel’s”) case study and will address: (1) the type of consumer buying decision that describes the indulgence of Ethel’s; (2) factors

that cause a consumer to visit and buy at Ethel’s; (3) justify the factor the writer thinks

motivates a consumer most; and (4) assess what the Ethel’s experience needs to appeal to

most. Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges The chocolate house dates back to seventeenth-century London, when members of society’s elite would gather in luxurious surroundings to relax and sip hot chocolate. Later,
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This type of decision making requires low level involvement. There are five factors that determine the level of involvement. The first is previous experience with the product. Most consumers have some previous experience with brands of chocolate; brands such as Godiva and Hershey. Ethel’s menu features a description of the chocolate’s content in case the consumer is unfamiliar with a certain choice. The second factor is consumer interest. The consumer may have a genuine interest in chocolate or the relaxing atmosphere that Ethel’s offer. The third factor is perceived risk of negative consequences. The prices of the products offered at Ethel’s may negatively influence the consumer. The fourth factor is situation. The consumer may choose to indulge at Ethel’s because they have guest in town or want to impress someone with the upscale modern surroundings at Ethel’s. The last factor is social visibility. The ability to interact with others, being pampered in a luxurious lounge, and having your favorite chocolates served on a silver platter. I chose limited decision making because the consumer probably has some knowledge of what to expect at Ethel’s.
Discuss the factors that influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s.
There are four factors that would influence a consumer to spend money and time at Ethel’s. The four factors are

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