Ethanol And Bio Ethanol As Alternative Fuels Essay

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, Australia has become one of the highest greenhouse gas producers per capita amongst the world. With a vast growth in the Australian population, the demand for burning fuel in motor vehicles has led to an increased amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, contributing over 16 % to the Australia’s total greenhouse emission. It has become a necessity for the Australian government to find alternative sources of fuel to cope with the transportation needs of the growing population. This issues study report will consider discussing the use of biodiesel and bio-ethanol as alternative fuels to petroleum and diesel. Furthermore, this report will also consider whether the use of biofuels should be promoted in Australia by comparing its environmental benefits over fossil fuels, and serious consequences of biofuel production including increasing food price and deforestation.
Chemical Background
A chemical process called transesterification carries out the production of bio-diesel from various vegetable oils and animal fats. In this process, triglycerides are usually chemically reacted with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst, which is usually a strong alkaline such as sodium hydroxide. Triglycerides, which are fats and oils derived from plants and animals, are molecules that are composed of three chains of fatty acids. Each of the fatty acid chain is a long row of carbon and hydrogen atoms…

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