Ethan Mcleod's Article: Annotated Bibliography On Gun Control

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The system we rely on is failing us and not keeping guns out of the hands of high risk individuals. The five articles that I chose to use for my annotated bibliography were not to specific about certain gun laws. Some of the articles are helpful while others do not help my cause. Ethan McLeod’s article was the best one to help my thesis. He proves many of times that either the guns are stolen or the criminals go through the back ground checks to get through. Gun control laws and background checks are not an efficient deterrent to crime.
The article “Will Recent Shootings Influence Gun Legislation”, by the Ethan McLeod writes about shootings in four cities. Chattanooga Tenn. Charleston, S.C., Chapel Hill, N.C. and Lafayette, L.A. were where
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The shooter of New Town stole his Mother’s firearms after he killed her. His mother legally owned them. He stole them. Lanza used a AR15 with thirty round magazines. This proves my thesis because the guns were stolen. The son did not go through the system, because he had mental health issues. In this article I could use how Mantel talks about the types of firearms, semi-automatic, automatic, and assault weapons. For my second reason in my research opinion I can use that the government after both World Wars gave more than 200,000 military rifles to NRA members. The article “Why Band “Assault Weapons”?” talks about what is an assault weapon, and assault weapons are not machine guns. James B. Jacobs, the author does not talk about background checks but it talks about multiple assault weapon bans. Jacobs has two good points I could use to describe to the audience what is assault weapon and how they are different from machine guns. This would help my audience understand the type of weapons system we are talking about. The rest of the article I cannot use because it talks about

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