Essay on Eth 321 Week 5 Knowledge Check

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ETH 321 Week 5 Knowledge Check

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ETH 321 Week 5 Knowledge Check
 1-What is one of the challenges in business ethics?
Business ethics is completely independent of the law.
Business ethics does not assert the obvious.
Business ethics issues are unrelated to the everyday occurrences in an organization.
Business ethics cannot be taught to employees
2-What can help managers to overcome the challenge of teaching business ethics to employees?
Attempting to change employees’ values
Instructing employees to follow only legal guidelines
Allowing employees to use their own personal moral standards while
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This view also suggests that the existence of corporations is based on the premise that they will serve society.
The invisible hand view
The management’s hand view
The shareholder’s hand view
The government’s hand view
6-What is true about the moderate view of corporate social responsibility (CSR)?
It suggests that governments have a better view on CSR and the needs of society.
It suggests that the CSR functions of corporations should not be regulated by government agencies.
It suggests that corporations should focus entirely on CSR and not on making profits.
It was proposed by Adam Smith.
7-In the context of business ethics, what is one of the provisions granted by the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
Surveillance of terrorist-related activities
Protection of corporate whistleblowers
Punishment of employees who report their organizations’ unethical practices
8-In which case is the discharge of an employee considered to be wrongful in the context of the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act?
When the discharge occurred because the employee failed to deliver performance
When the discharge occurred because the employee refused to violate a public policy
When the discharge occurred because the employee violated organizational norms
When the discharge occurred because the employee misrepresented his or her qualifications
9-Which inconsistency is likely to complicate the risk for whistleblowers in organizations?
The troubling

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