Eternal Zero Analysis

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Konny Lowe
Review Essay of Eternal Zero
‘The Eternal Zero’, also known as ‘Eien no Zero’ is one of a famous films directed by Takashi
Yamazaki. The story is based on two siblings investigating the true story of their biological grandfather, an elite Japanese Navy Air Force pilot who fought during World War II. This review essay is going to discuss how the film depicts a personal reflection of post­war memory, carrying out two strong messages: the superior Japanese national identity and the hidden message of anti­war via victimhood.
During World War II, the Japanese ideology towards nationalism emphasizes the importance of national identity from cultural values and beliefs. This implies a message that the country should be placed
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He was accused for being a traitor. He was recognised as only cared about saving his life, refused to fight and put no war effort.
Through the Japanese pilots’ opinions of Miyabe, we can see the national identity is deeply entrenched. This is because they believe that we must fight for the country, rather than being a coward like Miyabe.
Throughout the film, national Identity has been promoted in many scenes. The scene where
Isaki told his viewpoint of the pearl harbour and the defeat in the battle of midway, shows a clear demonstration towards Japanese national identity. When the Japanese soldiers were given a mission to achieve from the government, they react immediately without thinking about the consequences. For example, when the maintenance group just finished unloading the torpedoes, the enemy aircrafts were found and broadcasted in the carrier. Without thinking about the situation, the maintenance group quickly follows the orders and re­commence the procedure of loading back the torpedoes into bombers. Even though
Miyabe spoke out and mention that the task will fail due to a lack of time, nobody listened because they were too busy doing what they were told to do. During war times,

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