Essay on Establishing A Society With Social And Political Order

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In the creation of each society, the purpose is to create a utopia. However, it is never accomplished due to human nature. Without civilization, humans would protect themselves for self preservation. Although, when societies are created, the tools each individual possesses is used to defend and better the union. In order for a just society to be built, it is fundamental for a strong central government to be formed to provide equality for all of its citizens, and protect them from themselves and each other. In addition, education is necessary to teach citizens how to avoid resorting to their natural tendencies, and discover skills which could be used to assist others in society. These skills can be used for a citizen’s own profit, for their own self assurance and economically. The establishment of a formal civilization structure will allow both the civilization and the citizens to prosper.
The structure of government and the politicians that rule are fundamental to establishing a society with social and political order. An ideal government that should be adopted mirrors the system preset in the United States, a democratic republic. Tocqueville studied the US’ political system; though he noticed disorder at times, the structure allowed for civil liberties and rights to be protected by checks and balances. The implementation of an executive, legislative and judicial branches would provide protection from one person or a group from obtaining personal gain off the whole of…

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