Establishing A Relationship Counselor : What Do You Want About You?

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Establishing a relationship.
Counselor: ‘What do you want me to know about you?”
Stan: ‘I want relief from thinking I am not good enough and I’m motivated about going back to school. I’m also, open about getting a grasp on how to change behavior that is controlling my life.’
Counselor: ‘How do you think therapy can help?”
Stan: ‘I’ve started attending college and I’m working a full time job. I’ve been avoiding people for the most of my life because I don’t know how to act around them.’
Counselor: “Would you share with me how it makes you feel about being open and motivated?’
Stan: “They made me feel cautious but open and motivated about school and life?”
Counselor: “Glad you are motivated about school please tell me some positive things happening with school?”
Stan: “I received a B-plus on my last assignment which is an improvement from my last assignment that I received a B-minus.”
Counselor: “That is good, what did you do differently to get a better grade?”
Stan: “I studied at the library and with some classmates and oh yah, I didn’t get dirty drunk this week. I only had a couple of beers a few nights.”
Alderian theory functions on developing an atmosphere that establish the client as the expert. In order to accomplish the therapist not only ask what issues the significant issues and allow the client determine the topics of discussion. Corey (2015) explains how an effective counseling process includes dealing with issue that the client identifies as significant.…

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