Est1 Task310.2.3 Ethicsprogram Essay

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Introduction: At Company X, our goal is to provide an atmosphere of the highest professional integrity. Creating and continuously enhancing our image is of utmost importance to our long-term success. The Ethics Program described below was created based upon shared values between our company and the communities we serve. It is expected that all employees adhere to the guidelines set forth in this document.
A. Ethics Standards and Procedures
a. Legal Compliance: Employees must conform to all federal, state, and location laws and regulations, including the attainment of certifications and licensing, where applicable.
b. Policy and Procedure Compliance: Employees will conform to all company policies and procedures, except in cases when
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c. Communication of Ethics Training Opportunities: The dates, times, locations and instructions for Ethics Training sessions will be communicated via a schedule published on the Human Resources website and also through monthly enterprise-wide email reminders. Employees may request an on-demand HR training session in the event that the scheduled monthly sessions are not offered at a time that is convenient to their work schedule.
d. Annual Ethics Training: Employees must register for and attend at least one Ethics Program training course each calendar year. These sessions will be between two and four hours in length.
C. Process for Handling Employee Misconduct
a. Monitoring Employee Misconduct
i. Supervisors are expected to constantly monitor for Ethics violations and remind employees that all violations should be reported immediately ii. Employees are expected to be vigilant of other employees and report any misconduct they witness iii. Closed-Circuit Cameras: Cameras have been installed at key locations on all Company X facilities. Video recordings will be reviewed in the event that questionable activity such as theft, sexual, or other misconduct has been reported in one of those areas. iv. Customer Feedback: Customers may provide feedback of ethical misconduct by Company X employees will be made available via a hyperlink located on Company X’s customer portal. This link will provide a form for providing details of the occurrence(s).

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