Est1 Task2 Essay

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EST1 Task 2

Company X Ethics Program

Standards and Procedures:
Company X expects all employees to conduct themselves with integrity, professional and responsible actions at all times. An employee’s actions in both personal life and professional life should avoid any situations that (A) could be construed as harmful to the company or its employees or (B) cause negative public reactions that could impact Company X customers or customer relations in adverse ways. You are a Company X representative during work hours and during off work hours.
Violations of Company X rules of acceptable behavior will be viewed as misconduct, which upon review can constitute immediate suspension. Pending further review and investigation some
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Educational opportunities provided throughout the tenure of each employee will help establish an ethical culture. Printed media such as posters and flyers will be present at all Company X facilities. A series of online courses, seminars, group studies, lectures and case studies combined with focus groups will be utilized to ensure each employee is on board with the culture of Company X. A reoccurring theme in all education materials is to ensure each employee has the best interest of Company X in mind. Employee Misconduct:
Monitoring Employee Misconduct: Each employee will be subject to various types of potential monitoring. These methods include but may not be limited to call monitoring, video surveillance, and computer monitoring. Company X reserves the right to monitor all of its company owned resources and to acquire electronic data from each piece of property at any time without notice to employee. Call monitoring can be live monitoring of in process calls or the taping of large amounts of calls to ensure Company X policies are being adhered to. Video surveillance will be in use at all times at all Company X facilities with notices of such activity on premises posted throughout the location. Computer monitoring will range from confiscation of equipment to remote access monitoring of internet activity by IT professionals to ensure compliance with company computer usage

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