Est1 Task 1 Essay

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We as a society shouldn’t rely on the legal system to legitimize whether specific actions are right or wrong. The ability to determine an action is ethically or morally right or wrong; it should be an inept characteristic that is instilled into each of our moral compasses. The society that we live in today is completely different from that of 20 years ago. Today, it is frowned upon when an individual is treated unfairly based on his/her sex, age, race, and even a person’s sexual orientation more so than in the past. Not only do our morals and ethics gauge our individual actions, but so does the law. It seems as though that whether an action is ethically right or wrong is not the driving force that governs a business’s practices. It …show more content…
Company Q should offer products that their customers actually use and consume. Along the same lines, Company Q has disregarded multiple requests of their customers. It seems that society has begun to realize the importance of healthy diet and exercise. Company Q must realize that offering healthier alternatives to mass produced foods will only appeal to the masses. Not only is Company Q’s blatant disregard for their customers’ requests assenine, but it is also poor business practice. The fact is that Company Q must offer their customers the products that they want. Finally, Company Q’s actions regarding it’s donation of day-old products is both dis-heartening and border-lined inhumane. Not only should we as individuals watch out for one another, but the capabilities and resources that larger businesses have should be used in a manner that positively impacts the society around them. The resolution to this poor business practice is simple. Company Q simply needs to willfully donate slightly outdated products to local food pantries and other organizations that focus on providing goods and services to those whom are less fortunate. Not only would this aid people in need, but it could also have a positive impact on their image to their existing customers which could in turn attract new customers. Company Q is lacking in multiple areas

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