Essential Social Media Marketing Ideas

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Essential Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants
Promoting your restaurant in social media delivers powerful marketing results, but restaurateurs face many claims on their time and often neglect social media, which can be time-consuming and indirect ways of marketing. Social media campaigns attempt to connect with customers who have similar attitudes or attractive demographic profiles instead of trying to sell people on an idea, concept, product or point-of-view. However, the results can be spectacular, long-lasting or viral phenomena when restaurant marketers do social media marketing correctly.

Successful marketers spend time updating Web content, posting fresh material on two or more social platforms, responding to customers, curating
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Restaurants often maintain Facebook Pages for handling customer service issues, and you can take carryout or delivery orders directly from your Facebook Page. The best strategies for Facebook Pages (or any website or Web page) are to provide interesting, shareable content and images, get people’s attention and encourage followers to act in some way, such as ordering a pizza, like the page, share the content or take an alternative …show more content…
Consider using humorous memes to get people 's attention. Memes are ad slogans, pictures, humorous images and catchphrases that you borrow and repurpose for creative advertising or just generating humor.

After getting people’s attention with a creative photo, meme or compelling headline, you need to provide reasons for the customer to like you. The best Facebook marketing practices include the following recommendations:

Share the Good and Bad
Transparency is important, so don 't delete complaints or bad reviews, but you can explain about any corrective measures you plan to take or apologize when customers were badly treated.
Post Fresh Material, Photos and Updates
Food is highly visual, so include photos of your food that people can share. Share photos of your busy dining room, a local farm that supplies the restaurant or an artistic plating arrangement.
Respond to Your Fans
It 's silly to ask your fans to respond and then ignore them. You 've got to respond to your customers, even if it 's only to thank people for a good review.

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