Essential Goals Of A Medical Service System Essay

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Recently, more emphasis is laid upon the services of an organization in an effort to keep up with the volatile market environment and business requirements. Organizations have adopted a “service dominant logic” that focuses on value co-creation through various activities to obtain requirements from both service providers and service consumers (Nam, Kim and Kim, 2010). As a result, service requirements management is becoming one of the critical activities in developing service systems such as medical tourism service system. The essential goal of a medical service system is to meet the needs of all of its stakeholders and to achieve that, business requirements and business change factors have to be properly identified and analyzed. Lee, Sugumaran and Park (2011) intend to develop a service requirements management method for value co-creation among the stakeholders which can be applied to the medical tourism industry. The service identification process with value co-creation (Lee, 2011) and Kano – Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model for obtaining requirements (Bayraktaroglu and Ozgen, 2007 and Yanlai, 2009) have been incorporated in this research to develop an approach for requirements management. Lee, Sugumaran and Park (2011) aim to develop a service requirements management framework using Kano – AHP model for value co-creation and apply it to the medical tourism service system to check the validity of this approach.

Lee, Sugumaran and Park (2011) proposed a…

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