Essential Documents Of America Today Essays

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Essential Documents of America

In America today, there are many things that helped build the nation. Some of those things were the influential works of many famous people. Without the words and motivation from famous speeches and works, we as a nation would not have had anything to build our nation upon. Although our nation did not use all of the advice that was given to make us great and united, we were still able to learn from those things. Several of the people whose works helped form our nation were: Benjamin Franklin, the 15th amendment, Ulysses S. Grant, Albert Einstein, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Because of these people, or these works, our nation has been built on a solid foundation and is able to remain strong, and will remain strong for several centuries to come, we hope. Without the opinions and the help that is given throughout all of these works, we would not have made the type of nation, or a nation at all, that we have today.

To begin, one of the people that helped form our nation 's constitution was Benjamin Franklin when he gave his speech “ On the faults of the constitution”. Benjamin Franklin expresses in a humorous way, his negativity for the constitution. He addresses how he doesn’t agree with multiple parts of the constitution. As he gets older, he then also begins to judge his own judgement. But the reason why he agrees to it is because he believes that even with all of the faults that it has, a government is necessary in the way of life. He…

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