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GOVT 480 – Midterm Essay Week 4

List and describe the four force multipliers. How do terrorists us force multipliers? Give examples for each force multipliers.

There are four force multipliers in terrorism that author J. White speaks about in his book regarding terrorism. These multipliers are technology, media. transnational support, religion; they are a methods used so that manpower will not be increased, but to increase striking force. These force multipliers can work individually or hand in hand with one another.
If I had to choose, I would pick technology as my first force multiplier fight against because before you have start to plan, conduct, or execute you need technology for communication. According to White (2013),
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Speaking of religion as a force multiplier, radical Muslims fighting and killing in the name of allah. On the Last Jihad video, Osama Bin Laden stated “this is a religious fight”. The religion of Islam has been forcing and deceiving people around the world to become followers of Islam (Muslim). The September 11, 2001, was a religious attack on the United States. The religion force multiplier can also be a so called way to gain control over governments and that’s what appears to be the main agenda of the religion of Islam. Radical Islamist may say that it is all in allah’s plan, but I think they are just trying use religion as a disguise.

Hezbollah is an example of transnational support force multiplier. Although Hezbollah started out as a social movement, they realized the power and influence of others groups they became radical; therefore, can be called the father of terrorist organizations. Iran has been a huge supporter (funding) of Hezbollah. With funding from an entire country has allowed Hezbollah to support smaller terrorist organizations in the Middle East and also Islamic organizations here in the United States.

The media such as news broadcasting (CNN, BBC, FOX, and ABC) from different countries around the world is another example of a force multiplier of terrorism. By broadcasting via the media, terrorist groups spread their message out faster, this fast spread message can place fear in lives of

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