Essay On Temporary Immigration

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Why do people come here illegally?
Immigrants come here illegally because our immigration system is broken. There are a lot of immigrants that try to come here legally but chances are that’s not possible. Immigrants come here to have a better life. Usually they are leaving their country because their economy is not very good one example would be Mexico. Thing is to come here you need a lot of money and that’s just something a lot of immigrants don’t have. Now some of you are saying that’s not our problem. What people don’t realize is we are all immigrants. Every single one of us came from an immigrant giving up everything they ever had to come here for a better life. If it wasn’t for immigrants, we wouldn’t be in this country today. Over the
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Immigrants will sometimes apply for these temporary visas just to get over the border easily. Even after their visas expire instead of going back home they decide to stay. Even during their temporary visas, they try anything they can to stay here legally but there is no option for them so they just stay hoping they don’t get caught. While they are here legally they do everything the right way they follow the law and they still can’t obtain the necessary papers to stay here.
How helping them will help make a better future.
Our country is made up of immigrants. Every single one of us descended from an immigrant. When our ancestors came here they brought different cultures. With each new immigrant that comes to the united states brings something new. Today our country is made up of so many cultures and religions. We have many different varieties of foods, arts, and professions available to us today because immigrants came to our country and contributed something new.

Who should become legal.

How they help our economy.
Immigrants are known to start their own business which in turn creates more jobs for the American people. They also help increase demand for local consumer goods. Even though immigrants may not be here legally they can still pay taxes. Anyone can get a tax ID number and in return they can receive paychecks and pay taxes

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