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Robina MUKHTAR North American BBA – 2nd Year Student, Group 1B Mr. Cavey TOEFL Monday, November 14, 2011 THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM In the US children go to school from 6 to 18.
6year-old child: 1st grade
7: 2nd grade
8: 3rd grade
9: 4th grade 1st grade to 12th grade K through 12th grade (kindergarten)

Grade is a class, but also a mark.

11 to 18: Americans go to “high school” high school student (in British English, a student is over 18year old).

12th grade, when students are 18, in the US, there’s no national educational system. Education is a state responsibility, not a national one. there are about 50 state
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The Rhodes Scholarship and a Fulbright Scholarship. (a Rhodes scholar, or a Fulbright scholar).

Those scholarships enable very clever students to go to Harvard University.

Rhodes scholarship: named after Cecil Rhodes (Rhodesia was the old name of Zimbabwe), he owned “The Beers” the most famous diamonds firms.

Fulbright: non Americans to go to America, & for Americans to go abroad. this scholarship pays everything.

The physical campus:
Dormitories.. (look up for vacbulary)

A faculty (faculty of arts, faculty of medicine, faculty of sciences) A Dean

Different departments one professor is in charge of a department (head of department)

Ppl under the professor will have something associated to “professor”

Degree (different from a diploma, diploma is a bit lower than a degree)
3-4years after 18: Bachelor degree * John Smith, BA * John Smith BSc * John Smith BBA

2-3years after: Master degree * John Smith, MA * John Smith, MSc * John Smith MBA

3-15years after: Doctorate / Phd * Dr. John Smith

Undergraduates: before bachelor
Postgraduates: after bachelor Graduate: u have ur bachelor degree

16: ‘O’ level (ordinary)
18: ‘A’ level (advanced)

Thanksgiving: takes place in November,
Pilgrim Fathers, Mayflower. one of the most important colonies that established

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