Medical Reasons For Abortion

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Abortion What is abortion? Abortion is where you do not want to go forward with having your kid and that you’re killing it. Are there long term effects to abortion? Yes there are side effects that people have to live with. The World Health Organizations estimated millions of cases for abortion each year that has so many records per day. People have many medical reasons for abortion some people are less controversial and some or more acceptable than abortions. Some of the medical reasons that are for abortion is life threaten pregnancy where women may need some treatment for their illness such as cancer, that sometimes damages there body parts. Poverty is mostly why women choose abortion, but also some people want to keep up their standards …show more content…
There are two methods to early abortion to women that knew they were pregnant. One is called Endometrial Aspiration and that can be used up to seven weeks into the pregnancies. Another is the use of Prostaglandin peccaries which will cause you to have a late period. There are other methods to abortion and some of them are extremely rare. When having a Hysterectomy it removes the whole womb that way you don’t have to worry about anything and same goes for a Caesarian they both do about the same thing. About eighty one percent of most abortions in the United States are done on most unmarried women. Eighty four percent of England Wales are done mostly before 12 weeks gestation. Generally changing attitudes toward laws about abortion have almost always been influenced by religious beliefs and some of the office churches. D&E Abortion most of the procedures are typically done after about twelve weeks of pregnancy. How the procedure is done is when the doctor opens up the cervix and then the uterus is then scraped and the unborn child is removed. By sixteen weeks if you haven’t had the abortion yet the child is then removed piece by piece using …show more content…
On the other hand sometimes it’s undeniable and the long term effects are always present. Most women don’t experience the short term effects to having an abortion it is mostly that they pick up the long term effects. No Syndrome is that the National Abortion Federation always dismisses there idea for the post abortion syndrome. The Psychological Association Panel came this conclusion that the finding of the “no trace” of it. Mental health problems to abortion is the meta- analysis examined and they combined results of most of the studies which published mainly between 1995 and 2009 that included most of the data on women for six countries. A reaction to abortion is women that respond to having an abortion and some of them are varied and cannot always be predicted. Most women that don’t have that much support at all when they decide to have an abortion they can become easily

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