Story Of Mercy Short Story

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Everyone has their own story of mercy. Everyone has a story of mercy that might inspire them. A story they will never forget. In my case the story I’m telling you today took place most of my childhood. It all started in in the year 2006. My mother was taking me and my brother to her home country, Dominican Republic. My father didn’t go due to his job requirements, so it was just me, my brother and my mom. When we got back from our two week vacation. Everything went back to how it always was. My father was a pastor at a church we owned. My mother cooked the perfect meals and my brother and I were little angels everywhere we went. My point is everything was perfect. A couple months later I noticed things started changing. My mother didn’t have …show more content…
That never worked thought. He would only change for a couple months and go back to his ways. So after years I’m now about 11 years old. Completely and utterly aware of what was going on in my household but feeling completely and utterly hopeless, and unable to help. My brother four years older than me started to develop some sort of hatred towards my dad because of all the pain and hurt he caused us. But nonetheless we would always bring him back into our home, feed him, love him, treat him like he was still part of the family and like he never did anything wrong. Most of the time I would see my dad once every couple weeks when I would visit him in whatever rehabilitation center he was in at the moment, he would finish his program, come home and find his way to drugs again. As I grew it got even harder for all of us. He would miss crucial moments in my childhood. My mother had to work her butt off just to get food on the …show more content…
We went to live with my cousin which was really tough to get used to. But by the time I turned 13 I hadn’t seen my dad in a year. I had only celebrated about 9 birthdays with him and 7 Christmases and it just felt like I barely knew him. I’m now 15 and I saw my dad about a year and four months ago. It hurts to know that we tried so hard to fix our family and it never succeeded but it inspires me to know that after everything he put my family through my mother still forgave him, showed him mercy. The point to this never ending story is that my mother could have kicked him to the curb, spat on his face, down a million things that he deserved but she never did one of them. She continuously let him into our home and even now that he still doesn’t bother to look for us, she still forgives him. She showed and still shows him mercy. This story is one I will never forget, one that will continuously inspire me and hopefully one day inspire my kids and teach them that you should always show others mercy, because one day that will be your story. That will be the story that inspires you to push on in life and go after what you believe in. This is my

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