Essay Should Students Evaluate Teachers

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Register to read the introduction… Their efforts can be mostly seen by their students. Hence, the evaluation of students can help us recognise the good teachers and reward them. In the meantime, there are many advantages for students to evaluate their teachers. First of all, it can promote the students’ ability of judging a person objectively. Since, when they evaluate their teachers, they will think carefully and comprehensively. It can cultivate the right attitude when they are rating a …show more content…
There are three main reasons for them. First and foremost, the students are immaturity to evaluate their teachers. Not only they are lack of knowledge in theory and practice on a course, also they may judge the teachers by using their subjectively view. Then, it may cause unfair result for teachers. For instance, there are some students who are not work hard and get low grade in their exams, there students will blame the teachers for their failure. So, the students will catch the opportunity of evaluating and give some drawbacks to their teachers. It may lead to unreliable estimation of teachers. Secondly, students’ evaluation is more likely to measure the teachers’ popularity rather than their ability. Some people claim that if the teachers are evaluated by the students, some teachers may attempt to please the students by lowering the requirements of study or making their classes easier. Then, the quality of education will worse off, the evaluation becomes meaningless. Last but not least, there are many variables that may affect the students rating. For example, the personality traits of instructors can have influence on the student rating. Research has shown that if personality traits affect students rating, it may be caused more by what instructors do in their teaching than who they are as a person.(Erdle, Murray and Rushton, 1985). Therefore, if students do not like the teachers’ personality …show more content…
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