Essay Outlne on Cyber Bulying on Social Networks

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Cyber Bullying through Social Networks

I. Thesis Statement: Social Networks are giving bullies an opportunity to attack individuals online by invading their privacy and creating psychological effects from attacks. These problems need to be addressed by controlling and preventing cyber bullying.
II. Social Networks create an open access towards exposing individuals’ personal information
Social networks allow individuals to post personal information, which includes full name, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, precise locations, emails, and more
Information can be exposed to individuals or cyber bullies if necessary privacy account
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G. 1. Retrieved September 2, 2011, from ProQuest National Newspapers The following article, Facebook: As Rough as Recess, but Without the Monitor discusses how adolescent children are revolving around social networks like Facebook. It explains that the youth have a lot of freedom on social networks, which is not appropriate for their age. Also, the article discusses with the readers how California legislation is trying to pass a bill that gives parents the right to demand that social networks deny underage individuals from using social networks. However, social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google are not giving up the fight, but stating that the bill would ruin the freedom of expression. This article has enough information to support my research. It helps me understand what social networks are doing to prevent the safety of our children, and also states what representatives are getting involved to stop adolescents from accessing these sites. This text will help me support my ideas further in my research, and will give me enough information to share with my audience I will be writing to.

Cominsky. M. B., Harberg, F. J. Jr., (2010). Together, We can Stop Cyber Bullying. Retrieved September 2 2011, from ed+Houston+Chronicle.htm This organizational website explains that calls from frantic parents are becoming more frequent, due to the rise in cyber bullying through technology and

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